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All of the top soil and compost we sell is stored undercover and kept dry making it easier for the customer to work with. 

Grade 1 soil 

This is a premium quality local top soil sourced from agricultural land. It is screened to 10mm and confirms to BS3882 standards. It is ideal for borders, planters and seeding. 

Grade 2 soil 

This is a recycled product yet still has a high soil content. Screened to 12mm it is coarser than grade 1 making it ideal for turfing on. It may contain  small stones and pottery. 


This is a rotted mushroom compost and can be used as a soil conditioner. 

Lawn Top Dressing

High quality Top Dressing, suitable for lawns and sports surfaces. Helps break down the thatch layer, improves soil quality, and irons out bumps and hollows on uneven surfaces. Stimulates grass to produce new shoots for a denser grass cover.