Horticultural Products

We stock and supply a number of different grades of soils and composts to suit your needs.

If it’s to fill a flower border, to go under turf or your need a little advice product you need you come to the right place. Even if it’s a certain mix or blend to suit your application.

We keep all of our horticultural products undercover to keep them dry, making it easier for handling and spreading.


Grade 1 Soil

This is a fully natural product which is screened to a size of 10mm and complies with BS 3882.2007 standards. This product is ideal for flower beds and borders.


Grade 2 Soil

This is a recycled product and comes from reclaimed material. It is screened to a size of 14 mm and contains some small stone and grit making it ideal to lay turf on, as it gives good drainage.

Mushroom Compost

This is a mixture of composted horse manure and spent mushroom compost. It is a great soil conditioner or mulch. We sell this product on its own or mixed with soil to the customer’s spec.


Root Zone

This is a soil and silica sand mixture used to condition your lawn after raking and before seeding. It is usually sold at mixture rate of 50/50 but can be mixed to the customer’s spec.


Ornamental Bark

This is a general purpose bark used to or mulch a soiled area. It is sold in bulk form or in 30 litre bags.


Railway Sleepers

Measuring 8ft x 9”x5” these new sleepers are finished in a dark brown stain. As they are new they don’t contain and tar or creosote which can bleed in hot weather.


Landscaping Fabric

This is a light weight yet very strong woven membrane suitable for weed suppression, stabilization and some drainage applications. It allows air and water to permeate and is guaranteed for 30 years. It comes in 2 metre widths and is sold either by the meter or in a full 25 meter roll.


Rock Salt

Used as a de-icer, rock salt can spread on drives and paths to clear ice and snow fast. We sell both brown rock salt and white salt for a cleaner alternative.